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Toilet overflow is a very annoying problem that can be considered a plumbing emergency. Whenever the water is trapped with no place to go, eventually it travels back up into your home plumbing sooner or later. If you inherit a toilet overflow it is not wise to use the plumbing until blockage is cleared. Should the toilet water reach a certain level, it best not to flush the toilet again this may only refill the toilet that make matters worse. Turning off the water valve located behind the toilet should shut off the water supply. If the toilet overflow is not removed after trying to revive it with a plunger it may be time to contact a professional plumber.

Professional Plumbing Services

Atlanta Emergency Plumbing Repair gives excellent service for those common household toilet overflow or clogged drain problems. Years of experience dealing with all sorts of pipe leaks, clogged drains and water overflow allow us to share our knowledgeable experience with you. Along with our on time service you get a courteous and dependable team that respects the environment in your home. Our honest reputation speaks volumes over the years of service. We are available for you 24 hours and 7 days a week. Call us at 678-388-9476. Let us help you today!

Fun Facts About Toilets


Thomas Crapper invented the flushing toilet.

An average person will visit the toilet 2500 times per year. That’s 6-8 times a day and totals to 3 years of your life.

Some other terms for the toilet include: washroom, outhouse, powder room, ladies, lavatory, potty, women’s room, bog, necessary, dunny, bathroom, gents, men’s room, khazi, convenience, garderobe, restroom, place of easement, privy, john, potty, water closet, the smallest room, can, little girls’ or boys’ room, facilities, and throne room.

Only seven percent of Afghanistan homes have flush toilets. Nineteen percent, however, have television sets.

You’re probably wondering how astronauts relieve themselves in outer space. Space shuttles do not have bathrooms the way airplanes do. Air pressure is key in determining where toilet wastes go. Waste is usually disposed of outside of the shuttle and out into space. Astronauts do not shower. They cleanse themselves using wash cloths.

In 1890, Scott Paper Company produced toilet paper in rolls –the one you are accustomed to using today- for the first time.

The most luxurious toilet in the world was made of pure gold. This 24 carat gold toilet existed in the Hall of Gold in Honk Kong. It was owned by the Hang Fung jewelers who had the toilet built as a marketing strategy to attract tourists from around the world. Unfortunately, the toilet might not be around for long due to changes in the Hang Fung jewelers’ operations. They have decided to melt the golden toilet in order to finance their expansion to Mainland China.

The average life expectancy of a toilet is 50 years.

The White House has thirty bathrooms. The Pentagon uses about 636 toilet paper rolls per day.

The toilet is the home appliance that uses up the most amount of water.

People use about 57 sheets of toilet paper everyday.

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